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Winter Hetalia meet was A SMASHING SUCCESS

OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN YESTERDAY...THERE IS NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING IT WAS. yes it was so amazing I had to use all caps in my first sentence. I just really had such a good time. Anyways thanks to all of you who are on my friends-list that was at the meet yesterday for making it so awesome. A special thanks to America (Russia), Austria (Beligum) and Canada (Prussia) for making this meet extra special. I <3 hanging out with you guys.

Also Jose It was so awesome to see you again...

Lala I am glad you liked your cookies. I want to make a bunch of Kumorjori and America Mochi ones now. Yum Yum <.<

Anyways the next meet will be on May 29th 2010 because my birthday is on May 25th and Jenn's birthday is May 28th so we figured why not celebrate it Hetalia style. Oh also we will have a UK pinnata made for this event. Seriously it will be awesome.

In other news...MAMMA MIA soundtrack is playing on my ipod and now I need to see a Alfred singing 'Take a chance on me' to Arthur <3

Haruhi question Please help me people.

 So I am watching Haruhi...thinking its a good thing I didn't go as Mikaru chan after all- and lovin the crazyness of Haruhi even more... and well one little thing keeps bugging me...WHAT THE HELL IS A ESPER ANYWAYS... I would wiki it but I am trying to stay spoiler free for once...I mean I already know some stuff bout the show and I will make sure to have watched it before Sakura con...so I will know the whole story but right now no spoilers...well except for telling me the answer to my question.


So I am feeling a little frustrated. I really was looking forward to picking up my ouran dvd and the stupid store sold my pre-ordered copy. sigh. it totally sucks...but I did get a good discount on what I bought that day, including the dvd I have been searching for like ever. Which I also pre-ordered but was told that it wasn'nt available. I also picked up vol 11 of the Ouran manga it was super awsome..and I was super excited to find Kyou Kara Maou- which is just love..

But yeah overall  my weekend was less then steller cause of this and a few other issues, sigh. It sucks when you feel left out...

The good thing is  I just discovered...well actually I was told about it by a friend...this super cute manga which I am reading on one manga right now... its called Toraware no Minoue and everyone needs to read it. Its super awesome!!!

so yeah manga is awesome...
life sucks...

I am super super excited for the Ouran beach meet, though I am not really going to be cosplaying for it, well unless you call wearing Renge's wig and my normal bikini (to poor to buy a black one) as cosplaying then I will be. It will just be so nice to be able to relax, and to not worry or feel guilty about not doing homework. This seriously has been the semester from hell. I do realize I am just six pages (single spaced) away from being FREE for a whole bloody month, the only thing is I just can not get motivated to finish the damn thing and its due in 5 hours. Yup don't think it will be handed in today. My teacher is going to be sooo mad at me...

Right now I feel blah, I just want to relax, have some fun with my friends, I miss you guys. Seriously it feels like forever since I saw anyone, I think its been like at least two weeks since I've even seen Dark and I usually see her on a regular basis... I am hoping a certain super awesome person from the States will come and visit this Friday as well.

Kuroshitsuji is LOVE

OMG this manga is so good, its like a drug,seriously I read through the three chapters that One Manga had in like one sitting. i can't get enough I need more!!! Someone please tell me where to find more scanlations!! Seriously though its totally awesome, and I adore Sebastian he is sooo cool...and am I just crazy but did I sense some slashing possibilities between him and Ciel???
Hi, all I got a massively good deal from a friend on the first 8 chapters of xxx Holic, and so to celebrate I went online and started watching some clips of the anime, cough cough yaoi amvs cough cough (I was actually suppose to be doing homework -opps)and in the process I was reminded just how freaking, darn, impossibly cute Watanuki and Doumeki are...Seriously they are so adorable. Actually they really remind me of KuroFai..funny considering both xxx Holic and Tsubusa are from Clamp...

Well to make matters worse the yaoi fangirl(also known as Renge-chan) in me also thought it would be nice to see what all the fuss was about concering a certain set of hot twins from a certain vampire series..ahem and now even though I want Zero with Yuki so bad, I can't help but see just how delicicious the twins would be...Seriously what's wrong with me that now everytime I see a set of hot anime cough cough don't forget Harry Potter cough cough twins I devlop the need to ship them... Seriously what the hell is with me and twincest??
So this Sunday was my birthday, and I must say if turning thirty was that much fun, I can't wait to turn thirty-one, seriously my birthday meet was really awesome. I had so much fun, and it was so cool to see all my friends, especially those who came from the US. I am also so grateful for all the nice gifts I got, The freaking Ouran Novel, and the cutest L poster ever, come on people, just admit it, my friends rock.

Speaking of presents, Dark got me the cutest, most super awesome sasunaru doujinshi ever. I really love it, Its just so awesome. It seriously made me forget my love for the twins for a split second. Shock, Gasp, like no way, It's shocking I know but that is how freaking awesome this doujinshi is. And Just when I thought that this week couldn't get any better, I open the mail box and there it is, all wrapped up in a shiny parcel waiting for me...and just what is in this parcel you say? No other then Heliotrope, the best doujinshi ever made. My love for the twins has been refueled, not that it really went anywhere.

Not that I am not happy with all my doujinshi, its just to own Heliotrope, well all I need is the sleeping sound of snow and my collection will be perfect, perfect but not complete after all you can't have too many doujinshi.

Sakura Con 08

This was my first Sakura con ever, and I had so much fun. It was a bit disappointing on Friday because no one at all except for maybe four other (mostly Ouran cosplayers) knew who I was. I know she only wears it in one eposide but Renge isn't that much of an unknown character...But Friday night, and Saturday more then made up for it, since my bestfriend and I cosplayed as the twins and holy cow it was mayhem, I seriously couldn't go anywhere without being glomped, hugged, or caught in the blinding light of cameras. It got to be a bit much a few times, our poor Kyouya (loved hanging out with you all weekend and I miss you) couldn't even eat without people wanting our picture, but who am I kidding I loved it. The most surprising moment came when we went to the Ouran Pj PARTY and were asked to help them out, I said okay without even asking Kaoru first, opps, but it was fun, and it was shocking, and yes there was twincest. Ahem I will never live that down now will I??

A cute brotherly love moment for you all...
So why has my love for the Hitachiin twins gone too far, well I found this adorable fanart pic of the twins about a year ago. They are cats and are fighting. It's so cute. I love this picture so much that I have it everywhere, on my cell phone, on my computer, and well know I have it on my hip. That's right I actually went and done it. I got a Ouran twincest tatty. Yup, I am offically insane. Anyways here is a picture of my adorable Hikaru&Kaoru love. In case anyone is wondering the tatty is on my left hip and yes I know I switched the twins postions around but I had to so I could cover the ugly turnip I used to have there.



Valentines day FUN OR NOT?

Today is all about Laundry, and homework (well I have not actually done any yet) I am also going to the Anime weeklies at my School later in the afternoon. Then this evening it is the big event.... That's right operation crucify Teddy Bear will commence. It shall be lots of fun, but sigh to be honest I rather be spending the day with my sweety but he's in England. I think I shall con him into buying me a Teddy bear when he gets back to make up for the one we are killing tonight.

Anyways since its so depressing to not spend today with your boyfriend, I think it would be better if I am not alone, so I took this picture and have decieded that I am actually spending today with Hikaru Hitachiin since Kaoru is also in England at a fasion show with their mom. This way neither HIkaru and I will be lonely...


Yes I am a total nerd, but hey what else do you expect from a fangirl.